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Inspire Boutique Apartments is an innovative real estate advisory company, exclusively defending the interests of our buyers, when investing in Barcelona, Catalonia (Costa Brava, Sitges, inland, ..) and across most places in Spain.

We are passionate about finding the house of your dreams and accompanying you throughout the process till you have the keys in your hands. At Inspire, your interests are our priority.

You dream – We take care of the rest!

Our MISSION is to make buying in Spain easier for you and to save your time, money and surprises
. As a company our extended mission is to make the non-controlled real estate sector in Spain a safer place for buyers and represent their interests, unlike the selling agencies who work for the owner/seller (your counterpart as a buyer) and who – in general – do not require qualification to operate.  So, You dream – We take care of the rest!


Our HOW: Our team is daily in the market and helps you from A to Z with everything that is related to buying in Spain.


We make sure it is a good start and we have the end in mind: feasibility assessment and realistic expectations regarding the properties, locations, investment, parameters, the bank, your NIE, timings, … and clarity on the process and way of working.



We visit with you only the best properties that we have previously selected (big time saving for you and no frustrations from wasting time on properties that are not as advertised), we negotiate the price for the property of your choice so you never pay too much, we perform all the checks to be sure that everything is OK, and we take care of the contracts (in your home country the notary might do this, but not in Spain). Remember we’re independent from the sellers, so we give you our honest opinion about the good and bad things of each property to help you evaluate and decide. And on the big day of going to the notary, we obviously plan everything and go with you. You are never alone!



We make sure that everything is perfectly in order, that all administration is done so you don’t have to wrestle with the Spanish bureaucracy, and if needed, we help you with renovating or decorating, or renting out your new property.


That ´s a lot of work and responsibility and therefore we have a team of not only property finders but also financial advisors, lawyers, architects, investment strategy advisors, interior designers, builders, administrative support, etc.

What our clients say about us:

It is absolutely impossible to achieve this [finding and buying our apartment] on our own. There are so many things that you need to know and take into account. Very pleased with the professional help and ongoing support in taking care of our new property.”

Oh, and we forgot to mention:

  • You will spend less money in total and you get more value for your money compared to what you can achieve alone.
  • We have great properties that you can impossibly find yourself.
  • You won´t have stress and you ´ll sleep a lot better than doing this on your own.
  • You don´t waste time with viewings. We only show you the best properties.
  • It´s one of the most important decisions in your life, outside your home country… let´s make it a success and celebrate!
  • We strongly believe that a small detail can make a big a difference.
  • Our core values: your interests first, rigor, quality, passion for your dream, pragmatism, pure honest independent advice.


Languages: English, French, German, Dutch, Spanish, Catalan, Arabic, Russian.


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