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Watch Season 2 of our REAL ESTATE SERIES and get all the information to buy your Spanish property without stress, failures and losing or spending too much money.
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Bekijk Seizoen 2 van onze VASTGOED SERIE en krijg alle info om je Spaans vastgoed aan te kopen zonder stress, fouten, te veel geld te spenderen of zelfs te verliezen.
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Below the recordings of our REAL ESTATE SERIES (ENG).
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Must-know buying tips in Covid-times


2021 Predictions

The Buying Process

Real Estate Dilemmas

From Renting to Buying

Hieronder vind je de opnames van onze Nederlandstalige VASTGOED SERIE.

Waarom de immoprijzen in België/Nederland stijgen en een huis in Spanje goedkoper wordt.

Happy INSPIRE Customers

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Watch some happy faces of recent INSPIRE customers, telling you their buying experience.

Real estate trends in Spain in 2021

Do these questions sound familiar to you?
– “Shall I finally buy my own house in Spain this year?”
– “How far will property prices drop?”
– “What is the impact of Covid-19 on house prices?”
– “When is the best time to buy?”
– “Can I buy instead of rent?”.

Keep reading to find out the answers.

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*INSPIRE in the media: Idealista/Yaencontré* – “The real estate predictions for 2021, according to experts”

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The number 1 Spanish real estate portal Idealista/ Yaencontré predicted – based on the interviews with 4 real estate experts – what scenario the sector will face during 2021.

And one of those experts was our own Raf Jacobs.

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Regisseur Jan Verheyen “opgelicht” bij aankoop bouwgrond in Spanje. Veelvoorkomend, maar vermijdbaar.

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HLN artikel Jan Verheyen opgelicht in Spanje bij aankoop vastgoed

In een artikel in Het Laatste Nieuws en een interview op JOE vertelt regisseur Jan Verheyen te zijn opgelicht bij de aankoop van een bouwgrond in Spanje.

Een stuk grond van 11 hectare in Antequera, Andalusië, bleek de miskoop van zijn leven.

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“How to Renovate a House in a Record Time” – 5 Keys

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Our expertise at INSPIRE goes further than just helping to buy or sell property. We are also strong in renovation projects. And we’re happy to share with you 5 tips to renovate a house in a record time! 

First of all: broaden your property perspective. Many people see a house and if – at first sight – it seems worn, messy and dingy, they run away. We approach it differently and plan ahead to create a better layout and explore all the possibilities the property could have.

After reading this post, you will give a second chance to a property that did not meet your expectations at first glance.  

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*INSPIRE in the media: Inmoacademy* – “The world has changed, and we must change with it”

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Anna Font, a co-founder of INSPIRE was interviewed by InmoAcademy‘s (the go-to online platform for Spanish real estate professionals) journalist Marta Burgués.

Anna shared her career path, discussed the importance of decoration, gave an opinion about differences in real estate market differences between Spain, Germany and the UK and, of course, analysed the repercussions of the pandemic on the market.

Other than that, she gave advice and tips to real estate professionals from her Master’s Degree professor standpoint and discussed the role of women in this business.

*INSPIRE in the media: Idealista* – “Housing prices drop during Covid-19: what you need to know before buying?”

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There is a belief that during the current economic recession caused by COVID-19, property prices should go down.

But then why are buyers struggling to find (good) discounted properties on real estate portals? Why can’t you see that prices are falling significantly?

Raf Jacob, INSPIRE’s Managing Director, ​​was interviewed by the biggest real estate website in Spain Idealista in which analyzed several points to take into account when buying in the next future.

Buying a Property in Spain: A Step-by-Step Process

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Property buying process at INSPIRE

The first thing that comes to mind after deciding on purchasing a property in Spain is “What to do next? What are the steps?” I’m here to solve your doubts, save your time and money. 

Here are the points I will cover in this article:

  • A step-by-step buying process.
  • Pitfalls of buying a property in Spain. 
  • The liability of realtors. 
  • The role of the notary public and a real estate lawyer.
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*INSPIRE in the media: Yaencontre* – “Foreign investors in the face of the pandemic. Do you need to invest more or less in Spain?”

INSPIRE’s Managing Director Raf Jacobs was interviewed by Yaencontre (one of the biggest real estate websites in Spain) and shared his professional opinion on whether foreign investors are still buying in Spain in these tough times.

Raf acknowledged that “travel restrictions have caused a drastic fall in demand from non-resident foreign investors. Their interest in investing in Spain has not disappeared, but Covid-19 definitely threw up obstacles on their way to travel, especially to Spain.

The full article (in Spanish) is available on this link.

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