How to decorate a house with €10 000?

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“We appreciate the beauty of Barcelona and we strongly believe that having a charismatic property, turns out in higher profitability. “

Many people are afraid to buy a house because they aren’t convinced it will meet their criteria. INSPIRE helps you open your eyes and see through the bricks. The goal is to help our customers get everything out of their investment. Inspire works not only as a property finder who helps customers to find their dream apartment. Buying properties is a part of the job but renovating them completely and put back on the market for others to enjoy is another. It is our passion finding special places with a lot of character and give them even more life through renovations and interior decoration.

In this case, a customer wanted to buy a beautiful property in a prime area of Barcelona. And in Born, one of the most beloved neighbourhoods of the city with its best bars and restaurants, INSPIRE found just that. An amazing location to live, the perfect choice! The only challenge was a €10.000 budget for a full renovation.

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Interview on Barcelona City FM

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Listen to this Real Estate Radio Special on Barcelona City FM where Grégoire Gathem interviews our Founder & CEO Raf Jacobs: 1 hour long just interesting property insights and good music!

Click HERE to listen the podcast.

For all our other podcasts and interviews you can go to our Mixcloud account.


My 10 predictions for the Spanish property market

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Daily I see articles, websites or mailings with property market statistics but unfortunately they often lack practical insights and vision. Additionally, the past might not be the greatest compass for your future decisions in a changing market!

Real estate in Spain is and will remain a hot topic this year and foreign buyers are in love, more than ever before. 

Here are my 10 predictions for the property market in Spain in 2019!

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5 Factors that determine the real estate market in Spain

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A residential property market is fundamentally driven by the overall health of a country’s economy and by the level of the interest rates (the cost of borrowing money).

At very local levels in Spain, we can additionally speak about true expat driven markets.

Here are the 5 factors that determine the real estate market in Spain.

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Real Life Case: Geert Hendrickx

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  • Make a financially-smart real estate investment, in the center of Barcelona, with potential for own usage.


  • Where and how to start? How to optimise my Return on Investment? How to manage a buying and renovation process from 1300 km distance?

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Invest in Spain with Inspire Boutique Apartments

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Inspire Boutique Apartments is an innovative real estate advisory company, exclusively defending the interests of our buyers, when investing in Barcelona, Catalonia (Costa Brava, Sitges, inland, ..) and across most places in Spain.

We are passionate about finding the house of your dreams and accompanying you throughout the process till you have the keys in your hands. At Inspire, your interests are our priority.

You dream – We take care of the rest!

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