Your dream home in Spain. How to start your journey.

Always dreamed of owning your perfect house or apartment under the Spanish sun? Or a solid investment? But have a hard time figuring out how to achieve it?

Did you know that Spain is very different and there is nearly no regulation for agencies that sell properties? Really? – Yes, and that is not very helpful for you as the buyer / investor! You need a lot of information before taking such a big financial decision, information that is often not available. But at the same time good deals sell quickly. We firmly believe that this can be done better, a lot better!

Let us Inspire you. INSPIRE is the first international company truly focused on helping the buyer. With us you will get the best buyer experience on the Spanish property market. – How?

We make sure you buy from trustworthy agents, we spot potentially problematic properties and take care of all the legal, technical, financial and administrative matters.

How would it be to have someone who thinks along with you and helps you find, evaluate and buy only the best property?


How to start? 

  1. Tell us what your dream property or investment looks like, and where in Spain you would like to buy.
  2. We give you your first consultation for free.
  3. We develop a step-by-step realistic plan. A good start is halfway to success!

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What our clients say

A dream apartment in Valencia:


An investment property in Barcelona:



Raf and Anna are two enthusiastic professionals with a very detail-oriented approach to their work.

After meeting them and sharing the details of the apartment that I was looking for, I made sure that they are trustworthy and confident experts who will meet all my expectations.

Their ability to listen, require the relevant information from a customer and give the best result is what I truly admire. I am a happy house owner now!


Anders - Sweden

We had a feeling of reliability, a very professional and still empathic approach. You gave us a convincing response to any question and it never felt like you gave an evasive answer and you always made time to patiently deal with our questions.

There was a clear focus on every detail, as well practically as concerning every administrative issue.

We were impressed and happy that it lived up to our expectations. So, the way it was presented to us, was honest and correct.

Rik - Belgium

Having met up on site I was immediately impressed by the professionalism and the attention to detail. I am an absolute perfectionist and I think I met kindred spirits here.

On a personal level I realised that they were very nice people also , dealing with human beings instead of a corporate company was really reassuring.

In truth the apartment exceeded my expectations. Anna and Raf turned out to be really super guys to work with.

Graham - UK

It was a great fit with my wish-list:

  • Location
  • Two rooms
  • Original elements from 1900 to be restored.

I would be unable to find this on my own from Germany.

Christine - Germany

Raf and Anna offer a very personal and professional service and are sincere in your desire to produce first class results.

Michel - France

I successfully am a house owner now!
Raf and Anna made my dream in Barcelona come true!

Axel - Switzerland

You understood exactly what I wanted and needed…. And you found the perfect flat for me.

Clare - UK

If you’re looking to buy an apartment in Barcelona, you can get excited. INSPIRE just made it a whole lot easier!
After one year of living in Barcelona and actively looking for a flat online and with the help of agencies I was about to give up. I was tired of looking at places that were either overpriced or ridiculously uninspiring. I knew I had to do something differently.
Hiring Raf and Anna was a complete game-changer. At first, I didn’t like the idea of having to partially pay upfront for their services, but I felt a sense of trust and being taken care of and really listened to from the get go. Anna promised me that within 3 months she can find me a flat that matches all my criteria. I was hopeful yet had my doubts…
In actual fact, it only took 3 weeks!
I only visited one apartment and it had everything I was looking for. I would never have been able to find this by myself. From the moment I decided to buy it, Ana and Raf were by my side during the whole journey. They helped me get the best possible price. Just the price they were able to negotiate on my behalf paid for their fee.
One month later, I bought the apartment on a week when INSPIRE were on holiday. Despite that, Anna cut her vacation short to be there in person with her lawyer for the signing of the deed.
My experience with INSPIRE was simply outstanding and I could not be more happy with my new home!