Property Finder / Buyer Agent  

Finding an apartment to buy in Barcelona is not an easy task. The property market with over 15.000 properties for sale is very attractive today, but equally competitive and dynamic with its increasing activity from foreign buyers and investors. Finding the properties that meet your criteria and being able to make time to visit them rapidly can be a substantial challenge in today´s busy life.

Additionally, if you live abroad the buying process and local practices are different from your home country and you might find yourself lost in endless searches through websites and agencies that you don´t know. Needless to say that the language might create additional challenges too in a process where proper understanding and trust are essential. Buying an apartment in Barcelona is in the end for many people the second largest purchase they make in their life.

Inspire Property Experts has helped many buyers to accomplish their objective –in many cases their dream-, whether it is a primary residence, a second home, or one or more suitable investment products.

Our Property Finder service, also known as Buyer Agent, encompasses 6 key elements to help you find and buy successfully what you are looking for:


1. It´s about your interests
You are our priority, we only work for you during the search and buying process and we only represent the buyer, not the seller, unlike real estate agencies.

2. Deep local market knowledge
We have years of experience buying properties in Barcelona and are in the market every single day, we know the city, each neighbourhood and it´s streets, and above all we understand to perfection how the local market works.

3. Access to 100% of the market supply
Our years of experience have created a unique network of contacts that we leverage when searching properties. And as an independent Buyer Agent we are unconstraint in our search, unlike real estate agencies.

4. Save time
We visit, research, filter and work for you, so that you only go visit the best apartments that the market in Barcelona can offer you. You stay energized to find that perfect place.

5. Save money
Our deep comprehension of Barcelona´s property market combined with 15+ years of proven successes as professional negotiators have generated significant savings for our clients. Additionally, when you are living abroad our services will save you money on flights and visiting costs too.

6. Buy without worrying
We want you to enjoy the searching and buying process as a positive experience. Our team of Property Finders, lawyers, architects and fiscal advisors are there to help you make a successful and intelligent purchase.

Contact us… We are eager to listen to you and understand what you are looking for. Let´s talk and we will give you our honest and sincere opinion. If we believe we can help you, we will start your project with our characterising dedication and passion. We look forward to start off together!

We accompany you from the early stage of defining or refining what you want, all the way through to the notary when you will get the keys in your hands.

Inspire Boutique Apartments is an active member of the Board of Directors of the Spanish Association of Buying Agents.