Before checking-in and before receiving the keys:

  • To confirm a reservation an advance payment of part of the total rental cost is always required. We reserve the right to request full payment in advance for bookings during special events or last-minute bookings.
  • The “Guest-specific data sheet” shall be signed and returned to the Owner per email.
  • At the time of making the reservation you must specify the number of people that will be making use of the apartment. The number given at the time of the reservation must be the same as the number of people actually occupying the apartment.
  • The principal guest, which is the person in who’s the name the reservations is made and who signs the agreement, must be aged 18 years or over and must be actually using the accommodation him/herself.


  • Bring your booking confirmation (that is the signed “guest-specific data sheet”).
  • All guests shall provide their full names and passport numbers (required by local legislation). This can be done by email upfront.
  • The check-in is realized by payment of the agreed remaining part of the rental amount and the deposit, following the agreed payment method (see “guest-specific data sheet”). Without having made the full payment, the check-in cannot be realized.
  • Check-ins are possible from 16:00h onwards. Should you arrive earlier, inform us when making your booking and we will try to accommodate.
  • You will receive two pairs of keys.
  • Fresh towels, beach towels, bed sheets/blankets/…, and shower gel and shampoo will be provided.


  • The principal guest is personally responsible for the behavior of all of the guests occupying the apartment.
  • It is strictly not allowed to bring other people, which are not included in the reservation, into the apartment.
  • Do not let anyone else enter the apartment. People might present themselves as representatives from the gas, electricity, water or phone company, or simply as commercial representatives. Do not let them in, even if they show you some form of accreditation or insist. They shall contact the Owner.


  • Check-out is at 11:00h. Should you wish to depart later, inform us when making your booking and we will try to accommodate.
  • Leave the keys on the kitchen table, close all windows, switch off AC/heating/lights, and leave the property in good conditions.
  • The deposit will be refunded by bank transfer, Paypal or in cash within 5 business days after check-out, provided that the property is abandoned in the same conditions as found at check-in.


  • Noise:
  • Please respect the neighbors by keeping noise levels down, not just in the apartment but also on the stairs. No noise between 22:00pm and 9:00AM according to rules of the Homeowner’s Association.
  • Parties are strictly not allowed.
  • No smoking. No Pets or animals.
  • Security: always lock the apartment door with both keys, when going out and at night.
  • Annoying, unhealthy, harmful, risky or illegal activities are forbidden.
  • We reserve the right to refuse admission, and in the case of public scandal, inappropriate conduct or repeated nuisance, which disturbs the peace and tranquility in the building, can remove the Tenant and take such measures as may be necessary. This would also result in the loss of paid rental and of the deposit without any right of compensation.


The rent includes responsible usage of electricity, AC (air-conditioning) and heating. In case your energy consumption exceeds the IRC-value (index of responsible consumption), the difference will be deducted from the deposit. The IRC for the apartment is 15 kWh per day and is calculated in such a way that whoever uses the apartment in a responsible way will not exceed the IRC. This means:

  • Using the AC and heating in a responsible way.
  • Turning off lights, AC, heating, and fans when leaving the flat and at night.
  • Keep windows closed when using AC or heating.


The deposit will not be refunded or will be refunded partially in cases including (but not limited to) the following:

  • Loss of keys: 35€ deduction from deposit per set of keys.
  • If something is missing or broken, the cost of repair or replacement will be deducted.
  • Complaints from neighbours about noise.
  • Smoking in the apartment.
  • Excessive use of electricity (see paragraph “responsible energy consumption”).
  • In case other elements from the Seasonable Lease Agreement or the Terms & Conditions have not been respected.


  • Cancellation more than 60 days before arrival: 50% refund. Less than 60 days before arrival: no refund.
  • In the event that the Tenant changes the dates of the stay, this will constitute a new reservation and shall be subject to the cancellation conditions.
  • Should we be unable to accommodate the Tenant in the apartment booked, and the Tenant refuses to stay in another apartment in similar conditions, the Tenant will be refunded all money paid (except the part corresponding to the days that the apartment was used, if that is the case).

You expressly acknowledge that the contracted accommodation does not constitute your residence and cannot be used for purposes other than temporary residence, giving you only a right of use of the same during the contracted period.

Having confirmed your reservation by making a partial or full payment or by signing the “Guest-specific data sheet” of the Seasonable Lease Agreement, you admit that you have read, understood and accepted the Agreement all the terms and conditions in full.

We look forward to welcoming you in Barcelona and wish you a fantastic stay!




Inspire Boutique Apartments Barcelona / Seasonal lease agreement.


In Barcelona, on [ Date: see the “Guest-specific data sheet” ].



For one party, Mr / Ms [ see the “Guest-specific data sheet” ], (Hereinafter “The Owner or representative”.).

For the other party, Mr / Ms [ see the “Guest-specific data sheet” ], (Hereinafter “The Tenant”).

Both parties recognise they have sufficient legal capacity to enter into this act and freely,



  1. Whereas, the Owner is the owner of the following property in perfect working order: Apartment: Address: [ see the “Guest-specific data sheet” ], in the conditions, with the furniture, utilities and services described, photographed and shown on the website www.inspireapartments.com. The apartment is clean, in perfect working order, conservation and habitability, and the utilities and services it has are in working order.
  2. Both parties have agreed to enter into the seasonal lease of the property described above, so they hereby arrange this agreement, that shall be governed by terms of the following




The Owner hereby cedes on seasonal lease, for the term that shall be stated herein, to the Tenant, who accepts, the property described and the furniture described on www.inspireapartments.com. This lease constitutes a Seasonal Lease due to holidays, as foreseen in article 3.2 of Act 29/1994 on Urban Tenancy of a house, and under no circumstances and situation shall it give rise to lease of the object of this contract on a continued basis.


  • [ see “Guest-specific data sheet” ].
  • Any changes to the agreed rent and deposit payments must be agreed in written by both parties.


  • [ see “Guest-specific data sheet” ]
  • This agreement will be automatically terminated without any notice being required, on [ see “Guest-specific data sheet” ], and the Tenant must deliver the keys prior to that moment.

The Tenant must leave the property in the state in which it was found, leaving it free of items and belongings and with the utilities available and the furniture and objects as described and shown on www.inspireapartments.com in perfect working order, without an extension thereof being permissible, unless agreed in writing between the parties.


4.1   The Tenant is obliged to conserve the apartment in perfect conditions during the term freely agreed between both parties.

4.2   The Tenant may not perform disturbing, unhealthy, noxious, hazardous, illicit acts, or those that breach the Rules of the Neighbours’ Association on the premises. Nor may flammable, explosive or corrosive materials be stored in the home and/or mercantile or industrial activities be performed.

4.3   The Tenant shall be directly and exclusively responsible and waives the owner of all responsibility for:

i.    Damages that may be caused to persons or property arising from the installations of the services and utilities in the apartment leased by season.

ii.    Damages, deterioration or loss caused to it, either caused by the Tenant or by the persons living together in the apartment.

4.4   The Tenant may not perform building work, nor make any modifications at all without the written permission of the Owner. Under no circumstances may the walls be drilled or holed.

4.5   The Owner shall maintain the supplies of water, electricity and gas up to date with payment and in full operation, as well as the insurance of the apartment up to date.



The Tenant waives the rights set forth in articles 31 to 33 of the Urban Tenancy Act, and thus the rights of lease, subrogation, cession, transferral, whether total or partial, pre-emptive offering and withdrawal, and the right to impugn conveyance.



Failure to fulfil the obligation to leave the apartment within the term agreed shall make the Tenant liable to pay a penalisation of a sum equivalent to triple the daily rent, accrued by weeks elapsed until free availability of the home to the Owner, notwithstanding the costs, expenses and other compensation that may be due, including the fees of lawyers and procurator, although their intervention may not be required.



The parties hereto submit to the jurisdiction and competence of the courts and tribunals of the place where the apartment is located, expressly renouncing their own jurisdiction. The laws of Spain are applicable, specifically the current Urban Tenancy Act.

By signing the “Guest-specific data sheet” of the Seasonable Lease Agreement, both parties hereby ratify this entire Seasonable Lease Agreement and the attached Terms and Conditions, and sign duplicate copies of the “Guest-Specific data sheet”, to a sole effect, in the place and on the date first written on that “Guest-Specific data sheet”.
Attachment to this seasonal lease agreement: Terms and Conditions.