Who we are

At Inspire we are a multilingual international team passionate about real estate. Our objective and core value proposition is to help you find and buy your dream house at the best conditions and without worries. We are your most passionate real estate buyer agents in Barcelona with 8 main ingredients for success.


Anna Font
Property Finder &
Sales Manager


Raf Jacobs
Real Estate Investment Advisor & CEO

Founder of INSPIRE Boutique
Long-term resident in Spain (since 2001)
Independent real estate investment advisor
Ex-management consultant at Accenture
Professor Real Estate at the Univeristy of Barcelona
Board member of Spanish association of real estate buyer agents


Kim Harse
Property Finder &
Buyer Agent


Passion for Work


We are truly passionate about our work, as it:

  • Gives us freedom and a space for creativity
    Allows us create unique unforgettable experiences for our clients
    Makes us happy as we make clients happy

Passion for Details


  • We strongly believe that a small detail can make a big a difference.
    Through defining details our customers love, we establish an emotional connection with them, visualizing their ideal property.  We consider that every single detail in a house has to be a faithful reflection of the customer’s spirit.
  • Order, rigour, harmony, deep understanding of customers´ needs  and attention to detail reflect the nature of our brand. This denotes a difference and esteem towards the person who receives it.

Passion for High Quality


  • We show a real commitment and concern towards our clients, offering an exceptional customer service
    and unique experiences.
  • Rigour is one of our main elements for success.
  • The client-experience-capacity equation is the way to create different elements in our business offering.
    This formula is a magic equation for great competitive advantages.

Passion for People


  • People are the most important resource, and the main asset of a company.
    It is impossible to make a product of great quality without having at the same time a high quality work environment. The united team of us, our lawyers and architects is one of our keys to success.
    We strongly believe that a happy and enthusiastic team offers a quality customer service, generates a quality job and brings loyal and happy customers on board.

Passion for Places


  • Passion for an emblematic modernist city such as Barcelona.
    One of the best locations to combine leisure, fashion and home.

Passion for Design


  • For designing spaces and materializing ideas.
    The design acquires another meaning, when the work of a designer of places and the use of elaborated materials and of optimal quality are combined.

Passion for Experience


  • The engine of personal change is always the passion to learn.
    The ability to constantly want to know more is very connected with success in life.
    We think that learning + perseverance lead to success.
  • From customer experience we constantly learn and provide a better service. We are an enthusiastic team capable of carrying out ambitious, profitable, successful, transcendent business projects with great projection into the future.

Passion for Win/Win


  • We have a strong commitment to improvement, leaving room for innovation, change and productivity.
    Our objective is that all the parties benefit, and are understood as important components of the companies, distributors, channels of sale and / or consumers, users involved.
  • It is about optimizing to maximize: optimizing details so that everyone gets maximum benefit.
    We see many ways of providing win/win value such as providing information relevant to our customers and people interested in real estate market and buying property in Spain. For this reason, we have created a press corner with many interviews, a free guide for buying property in Spain and more.