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By buyer agent Raf Jacobs

The opportunity to buy a property in Spain with US dollars is fantastic, and it will likely be one of your best purchases ever. To help you find your way through the buying process, we created a list of our top 5 videos you must watch before buying a property in Spain as a US dollar holder.

1. Must-watch when moving to Spain as an American and buying a property

To help you avoid making mistakes, make better decisions and get you better informed than others who are competing for the same property, we selected some content for US dollar holders. Click on this link if you want to know more.

Screenshot of a video for USD holders who want to buy a property in Spain
We have something for US dollar holders who want to buy a property in Spain (Europe)

2. European versus American property market

Now that you found out where you can find plenty of information about buying an apartment in Spain, let it inspire you. It can help you make better decisions and here is why: agencies in Spain are not forthcoming to buyers during the purchase process because they represent the seller’s interests. The property market in Spain is a jungle, it is poorly regulated and lacks transparency. 

In this video, Victor Horcasitas from Barcelona Metropolitan Magazine interviews real estate expert Raf Jacobs for tips for Americans buying property in Spain. They talk about why US dollar holders can save up to 100.000 USD, the differences in the property markets and why it is important to have a buyer agent by your side.

Find out more here.

3. Best Time to Buy an Apartment in Spain for US dollar Holders: a unique temporary opportunity

If you’re an American that’s been toying with the idea of buying a property in Spain, you’re not alone. The number of international buyers in Spain nearly doubled in the first quarter of 2022 and it’s easy to see why, Spain is such a beautiful country with so much to offer. 

In this video Raf, our property experts, discusses the advantages American buyers have in the market today, specifically related to the strong US dollar.

4. Problems in the property market (2022)

The main topic in this video is: “How do you need to react to an upward property market as a buyer?”.

Think of things like inflation, rising interest rates, USD/EUR exchange rate, problems with Spanish banks, securing deals at unbeatable prices and lack of penthouses with a terrace. This video is a bit more time consuming but it’s one of our most viewed videos, so you don’t want to miss it. Watch it here!

5. The value of a Buyer Agent

Last but not least, take a look at Bill and Morgan’s story. They are Americans who recently bought an apartment in Barcelona with the help of Inspire Property Experts. They were looking for an apartment for a while but it was hard to make progress and were never able to get attention from anyone. After they contacted INSPIRE, they suddenly had direction and everything went so fast. They can now call themselves happy homeowners.

“Once we contacted INSPIRE Property Experts, we suddenly had direction.”

Screenshot of a video about a client review from Americans in Spain
Client Review from Americans about Buying in Spain

Are you also serious about buying a property in Spain? 

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