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Sure, there will be deals to be done in the Spanish real estate market. But if you’re looking for a bargain, the trick is to find them in the first place. And moreover: to negotiate the best price for it.

At INSPIRE, we understand that this step is crucial to get more for less. With years of previous experience, we dare to claim we’re experts in negotiating.

Anna – partner and lead negotiator at INSPIRE – gave a webinar to more than 60 real estate professionals from all over Spain. Teaching them how to get the best price in negotiations, INSPIRE helps other professionals grow. And in the end, make you – the customer – a happier buyer.

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Making a good deal depends on many factors, but the price you pay for your home or investment is decisive. In our previous article ”The impact of the economic shutdown on the property market in Spain”  we explained that there will be opportunities for the buyer, but how do you find and acquire such an opportunity?


At INSPIRE we represent the buyer. After finding the perfect home and validating that everything is in order, we will put all our expertise at the buyer’s disposal to maximize the discount on the purchase price. With good preparation, strategy, knowledge and with a great deal of empathy, based on our experience as negotiators for some of the largest companies in the world, we reach agreements that others only dream about.

There will be opportunities for the buyer, but how do you find and materialize this opportunity?

We enable you to buy more for less, and from our part you can be sure that no one will bargain better than we do. For us the negotiation is not only the price of the house, but also your mortgage.
Double your savings, for many years of your life.

Your dream home at a dream price, it may seem impossible? But,
INSPIRE makes it possible.

At INSPIRE we firmly believe that knowledge is the basis for success. And based on our belief in the need for greater professionalism in the sector, of which the buyer will be the greatest beneficiary, we will continue to do our part of the deal.


The buyer will be the biggest beneficiary

Anna, partner and lead negotiator of INSPIRE, gave a successful webinar to more than 60 professionals in the real estate sector from all across Spain. We are very happy to help other professionals grow and learn how to prepare and execute a better negotiation.   

A few things we’ve been hearing after the webinar that made us smile:   

  • “Anna, it was fantastic, thank you so much. It’s an honor to be able to learn from the best.”   
  • “Hi, Anna, thanks for this fantastic talk.”  
  • “Anna, thank you very much. I think you’ve answered all my questions.”  
  • “Thank you for this paper. I’m loving it.”   

We would be delighted to hear about your project.

If you’re serious, so are we. Talk directly to Anna: 

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