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Daily I see articles, websites or mailings with property market statistics but unfortunately they often lack practical insights and vision. Additionally, the past might not be the greatest compass for your future decisions in a changing market!

Real estate in Spain is and will remain a hot topic this year and foreign buyers are in love, more than ever before. 

Here are my 10 predictions for the property market in Spain in 2019!

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Foreign buyers are in love with Barcelona, Madrid, Alicante, the Costas and the islands (and we have data evidence of this love!) and there are many factors playing in your favour as a foreign buyer or investor. In 2018, 65.506 foreigners have bought a property in Spain. That is 1.259 per week (or 250 per working day!), +7,6% more than in 2017, and the 9th consecutive year of increased transactions. At the same time the property market has been strong too: there have never been as many home sales in the last decade as in 2018!

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What do you think the future will bring?

Let us know in the comments below 🙂

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