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Did you ever have that feeling, of really falling in love with a city that you visited?
An irresistible desire to give that city a key plave in your future?
Because that is how this story starts.

Let me introduce you to Sven, a young professional who had been living in Barcelona for 2 years.

He currently lives in Canada but he has a strong desire to come back to Barcelona after finishing his professional project overseas.

Sven’s dream?

When he first visited Barcelona, he immediately fell in love with the place. The weather, the vibrant ambiance, the nightlife, the culture…
Sven had some cash saved up and decided he wanted to invest it in a property now, while he is still young. One other thing he knew for sure is that he wanted to do it in a very clever way, so he would be able to get income from the apartment in short term.
All this while giving him the flexibility to move back to Barcelona in a few years.

The challenges he faced?

Despite speaking Spanish, it was too hard for Sven to understand all the aspects and details of buying a property in Spain. He was very worried because he did not want to risk making a mistake with his savings. Sven did not have much free time, he was concerned about the legal aspects and he did not know where to start from. He realised that he needed help.

That’s when Sven found Inspire Boutique Apartments.

So, what did Sven do?

He came in and immediately told us: his goal, why he wanted to invest, and what his available budget was.
We sat down, did a strategical workshop and figured out how we could apply the basics of investing in real estate in Barcelona to Sven’s personal situation.

After this productive session we defined the best way for Sven to:

  • Define the ideal target investment considering his dream, goal and his budget;
  • Leverage the bank for a mortgage and how this could increase his Return on Investment;
  • Define a step-by-step, realistic plan on how to achieve this dream.

But, how did we realise Sven’s dream?

We recommended Sven to buy a small apartment in a good and central area. This makes it very easy to rent out the property, both today as in the future. This also gives him the lifestyle option that he dreamed of. The key was:

  1. Maximizing value-for-money and a future lifestyle by buying in a top location.
  2. Buying a small apartment with only one bedroom, to maximise his rental returns.
  3. No big renovation works to be done, really just a new lick of paint and ready for tenants to move in.
  4. A property with the potential to customize to his own taste once he moves back to Barcelona in the future.

The results, you may ask?

We found a lovely, small apartment in the Eixample of Barcelona (remember: for Sven’s case location is key!), only one block away from the subway station.
Merely 8 days after Sven’s purchase, he could rent it out for even more than what he pays as a mortgage to his bank.

Sven is happy and Inspired!

Common area attached to kitchen

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