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INSPIRE and METROPOLITAN BARCELONA just released their REAL ESTATE SERIES, a 4 episode long online information series about Spanish property.
From September till December, you can watch each month one webinar about a specific topic, hosted and directed by our property expert Raf Jacobs.

The series is a co-production between Spanish property expert INSPIRE and METROPOLITAN, Barcelona’s biggest English magazine.

Every episode, Raf Jacobs will reveal more info about a specific real estate topic:
– 1st Episode: “Must-know tips
– 2nd Episode: “The Buying process in Spain” 
– 3rd Episode: “Mortgages” 
– 4rd Episode: “Real Estate Dilemas” 

The exact dates and details can be found below:


Raf will also launch a new article every month, related to the episode’s topic.

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The premiere episode of the REAL ESTATE SERIES on Sept 2nd was an immediate success!

With a full meeting room and 50% of the attendees scoring the webinar a solid 10/10 (the other half gave it 8 or 9/10) we might call this the beginning of a beloved blockbuster.

So don’t miss the talk of town and follow the other episodes.
And don’t be shy to binge-watching them all!
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Stay tuned!