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At INSPIRE we intensely believe that opinions matter and that good advice helps you to take better investment decisions. Sadly, in Spain´s non-regulated property market honest advice is hard to find and conflicts of interest in buy-sell transactions are looming everywhere. That´s why we are pleased to have been asked by Kasaz – “The honest property portal”- to share our view on what´s happening.

In this podcast, INSPIRE´s CEO Raf Jacobs responds to doubts and uncertainties that many people have regarding the housing market in Spain in today´s extraordinary situation. Listen to our practical insights here!

  1. What is the impact of the economic crisis on the real estate market?
  2. Can we expect price drops similar to what happened in the previous crisis in 2008?
  3. What changes can we expect for the property market in 2020?
  4. How will prices be impacted?
  5. Buyers versus sellers: what are the implications?
  6. How shall investors act?
  7. How will investment opportunities look like?
  8. Where to invest? What parts of Spain and what areas of Barcelona?
  9. Why do I say what I say?

KNOWLEDGE is good, but it´s all about EXECUTION. On paper many investments look attractive. If it all were that easy…

We apply our expertise to your investment plans and turn them into profitable assets.

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