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“We appreciate the beauty of Barcelona and we strongly believe that having a charismatic property, turns out in higher profitability. “

Many people are afraid to buy a house because they aren’t convinced it will meet their criteria. INSPIRE helps you open your eyes and see through the bricks. The goal is to help our customers get everything out of their investment. Inspire works not only as a property finder who helps customers to find their dream apartment. Buying properties is a part of the job but renovating them completely and put back on the market for others to enjoy is another. It is our passion finding special places with a lot of character and give them even more life through renovations and interior decoration.

In this case, a customer wanted to buy a beautiful property in a prime area of Barcelona. And in Born, one of the most beloved neighbourhoods of the city with its best bars and restaurants, INSPIRE found just that. An amazing location to live, the perfect choice! The only challenge was a €10.000 budget for a full renovation.

INSPIRE noticed a beautiful and charming building that used to be a palace from the 15th century. Centuries go by and thanks to an important refurbishment (in 2006) the whole building converted into apartments. Now the property is a stunning combination of medieval and modern architecture.

The apartments’ interior, on the other hand, were quite out-dated. It was not looking charming nor attractive, it looked dark but had decent fundamentals to begin with. Time to start! We always begin with checking the condition of all installations in- and outside the property. The next step is to bring a wow-factor into the apartment and figure out how to optimize the surface of 65m2.

The uniquely large terrace was the most important aspect of this house. Who doesn’t want to spend time reading, chilling and enjoying the sun on a terrace overlooking the roofs of the old town of Barcelona? To bring elegance to the terrace, INSPIRE painted the walls dark grey. Adding some lights to give character at night, placing lovely plants in a Feng-Shui structure. The ugly old tiles were covered with Iroko wood, which is water resistant and similar to teak to give a more natural and luxury feeling.



The inside of the apartment was painted with neutral colours to give more light and create a sense of spaciousness. Windows and balconies were tinted in black with a matt finish to bring an attractive contrast. It was important to preserve the contemporary look & feel of the apartment. Using a mix of industrial and BOHO furniture with natural wood, in combination with neutral colours like white and grey. To catch the eye, INSPIRE added the interior with shots of colour, pictures and pieces of art.

INSPIRE has 3 tips to share with you:

  1. Decide which style you want
    Before starting, you need to decide which specific style you like and fits your interior. Find inspiration in magazines or through online platforms like Instagram or Pinterest to broaden your possibilities. Two famous styles are Scandinavian and Contemporary. The Scandinavian interior is very simple and minimalistic but functional and comfortable. It contains mostly white colours and uses rough cotton, non-waxed wood and simple details. A contemporary style allows you to mix and thus creating an atmosphere more depending on your mood, taste and furniture you already own. Combining various elements from different styles is another possibility.
  2. Use neutral colours for the walls and ceilings.
    Now it’s time to paint. A good idea is to start with neutral colours to give your space a bigger and brighter look. Try to use colours like white, beige, ivory and taupe. These colours create tranquillity in your house. Apartments in Barcelona are usually not that big, so creating visual space is advised. Other than that, you can mix different tones and tints of white and beige to give a warmer feeling or to break contrast.
  3. Add colourful elements as an eye-catcher. 
    Using neutral colours as a base in your house, allows you to be very adventurous with accessories and art to give your house more life. A couple of examples: a colourful pattern in your carpet, colourful pillows or blanket, vases in bright colours, bold statement accessories, flowers and plants, artwork, etc. You will immediately feel another vibe in the house.

Take a look at how we mastered it!

We love spaces that inspire us. We love to inspire you.

Your Inspire Team

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