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Barcelona Real Estate Webinar:
INSPIRE shares property market analysis, insights, real estate opportunities, examples and practical tips for buying a property in Spain.

On June 9th and 10th, INSPIRE launched two “Barcelona Real Estate Webinars”, in English and Spanish.

English Barcelona Real Estate Webinar: Raf Jacobs

ENGLISH Barcelona Real Estate Webinar: INSPIRE CEO Raf Jacobs live in action

For the Spanish version, we invited the national number 1 real estate analyst and opinion maker Prof. Gonzalo Bernardos.  

INSPIRE founders Raf Jacobs and Anna Font share useful market insights and advice and tackle the questions including: 

* Buy now or in 6 months?
* How do you know what the fair market price is?
* How far will prices drop?
* Which banks offer the best interest rates?
* What technical / admin documents should a seller provide with his property?
* …

Spanish Barcelona Real Estate Webinar: Bernardo Gonzalos and Raf Jacobs

SPANISH Barcelona Real Estate Webinar: Gonzalo Bernardos and Raf Jacobs live in action

We are proud to say that both online sessions turned out to be a big success. A live satisfaction poll revealed that the majority of our attendees rated our webinar as “extremely interesting” (10/10 score).

If you missed it, you can still watch it below:

English Webinar: click here
Spanish Webinar: click here

IMAGINE being better informed that other buyers. Imagine not worrying for such an important financial decision… 

WELCOME TO INSPIRE – We help you take informed real estate decisions. Better properties, lower final prices, and zero risks in the purchase process. That’s our commitment to you. 

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