INSPIRE released the first ever REAL ESTATE SERIES, a 4-episode long online webinar series about Spanish property.

From September till December 2020, you can follow one webinar per month about a specific topic, hosted and directed by our property expert Raf Jacobs.

The series is a co-production with METROPOLITAN Barcelona, Barcelona’s biggest English magazine.

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Episode 4 “Real Estate Dilemmas” – December 1st.

The real estate buying journey comes with a lot of choices and dilemmas. We’ll give you the answer to which one to choose.

Here is an overview of all episodes and the topics discussed:


Missed the first 2 episodes? No worries, you can watch the full recordings below.

Episode 1 “Must-know tips” –  September 2nd.

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Episode 2 “The buying process and where it often goes wrong” – October 6nd.

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