Barcelona Real Estate Webinar

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Dr. Gonzalo Bernardos: professor of Economics and head of the Real Estate Master Programme at the University of Barcelona (UB) and renowned real estate opinion maker in Spanish media.

Raf Jacobs and Anna Font: buyer agents and real estate advisors with tons of practical experience and founders of INSPIRE. They turn your plans into unbeatable results.


Dr. Gonzalo Bernardos

Anna Font

Raf Jacobs


– How to play a winning game as a buyer / investor / seller?

– Act now or will the market go down further?

– How to get better deals than on Idealista?

– What to expect of interest rates?


– The last question can be YOURS!

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The expert panel will give you their personal advice.


TIME: 06:00  PM CET

LANGUAGE: Spanish / you can ask your questions in English too

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