Spanish holiday homes during economic shutdown: a sudden shift in power towards the buyer

By / 29th May, 2020 / Real Estate / Off

In this article I share my view on how the current economic shutdown will affect the Spanish holiday home market. Totally unexpected, the property market is becoming a buyer´s market again overnight. Temporarily at least. After years of price increases, holiday homes will now become more affordable, with fairer prices in many cases, but equally new caution for buyers is required.  

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** INSPIRE in the media Kasaz** –“The honest property portal”- asks INSPIRE what´s happening in the real estate market and how investors shall act

By / 8th May, 2020 / INSPIRE in the Media / Off

At INSPIRE we intensely believe that opinions matter and that good advice helps you to take better investment decisions. Sadly, in Spain´s non-regulated property market honest advice is hard to find and conflicts of interest in buy-sell transactions are looming everywhere. That´s why we are pleased to have been asked by Kasaz – “The honest property portal”- to share our view on what´s happening.

In this podcast, INSPIRE´s CEO Raf Jacobs responds to doubts and uncertainties that many people have regarding the housing market in Spain in today´s extraordinary situation. Listen to our practical insights here!

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**INSPIRE in the media: Inmoacademy** – “The current situation will create opportunities for investors and buyers with liquidity and access to financing”

By / 6th May, 2020 / INSPIRE in the Media / Off

InmoAcademy interviews INSPIRE’s Managing Director Raf Jacobs in their weekly Inmo-talks. InmoAcademy is a well-known online platform where Spanish real estate professionals get latest thinking, insights and expert advice from industry leaders. We are very thankful for the honour to be positioned among the experts.

Watch the video here.

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Where to buy a property on the Spanish Coast?

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Spain is fortunate to be surrounded by ocean and sea and as a result: endless white sandy beaches. In addition, those beaches are blessed with a mild and sunny climate most of the year.
Want to find out more about the coastline of Spain?  

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Inspire recognised as top negotiator for buying properties in Spain

By / 5th May, 2020 / Real Estate / Off

Sure, there will be deals to be done in the Spanish real estate market. But if you’re looking for a bargain, the trick is to find them in the first place. And moreover: to negotiate the best price for it.

At INSPIRE, we understand that this step is crucial to get more for less. With years of previous experience, we dare to claim we’re experts in negotiating.

Anna – partner and lead negotiator at INSPIRE – gave a webinar to more than 60 real estate professionals from all over Spain. Teaching them how to get the best price in negotiations, INSPIRE helps other professionals grow. And in the end, make you – the customer – a happier buyer.

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**INSPIRE in the media:** – The impact of the covid-19 in the Spanish real estate sector explained in seven steps-

By / 5th May, 2020 / INSPIRE in the Media / Off

Idealista, the number 1 real estate website in Spain, published INSPIRE´s opinion, written by our founder Raf Jacobs, about the impact of the economic lockdown on the Spanish property market and what that means for buyers. Needless to say we’re super excited to see that our opinion will inspire more than 20 million online visitors each month. 

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What will the impact of the Corona virus be on the property market in Spain?


In this article I look at how the Corona virus might impact the real estate market in Spain. How will Corona impact property prices? What if you want or need to sell? Will Covid-19 create real estate investement opportunities as some other crises have done?

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Wat wordt de impact van het Corona-virus op de vastgoedmarkt in Spanje?


In dit artikel bekijk ik hoe het Corona-virus de immobiliënmarkt in Spanje in 2020 zal beïnvloeden. 
Welk effect heeft Corona op de vastgoedprijzen? Wat als je wil of moet verkopen? Zal Covid-19 zorgen voor opportuniteiten in vastgoedinvesteringen, zoals dat gebeurde bij andere crisissen? 

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Sven’s story – How his dream to have a home base in Barcelona started… and came true

By / 17th March, 2020 / Real Life Cases / Off
alt="Buyer-agent-client-of-Inspire Boutique Apartments"

Did you ever have that feeling, of really falling in love with a city that you visited?
An irresistible desire to give that city a key plave in your future?
Because that is how this story starts.

Let me introduce you to Sven, a young professional who had been living in Barcelona for 2 years.

He currently lives in Canada but he has a strong desire to come back to Barcelona after finishing his professional project overseas.

Sven’s dream?

When he first visited Barcelona, he immediately fell in love with the place. The weather, the vibrant ambiance, the nightlife, the culture…
Sven had some cash saved up and decided he wanted to invest it in a property now, while he is still young. One other thing he knew for sure is that he wanted to do it in a very clever way, so he would be able to get income from the apartment in short term.
All this while giving him the flexibility to move back to Barcelona in a few years.

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How to decorate a house with €10 000?

By / 20th May, 2019 / Trends | Decoration / Off

“We appreciate the beauty of Barcelona and we strongly believe that having a charismatic property, turns out in higher profitability. “

Many people are afraid to buy a house because they aren’t convinced it will meet their criteria. INSPIRE helps you open your eyes and see through the bricks. The goal is to help our customers get everything out of their investment. Inspire works not only as a property finder who helps customers to find their dream apartment. Buying properties is a part of the job but renovating them completely and put back on the market for others to enjoy is another. It is our passion finding special places with a lot of character and give them even more life through renovations and interior decoration.

In this case, a customer wanted to buy a beautiful property in a prime area of Barcelona. And in Born, one of the most beloved neighbourhoods of the city with its best bars and restaurants, INSPIRE found just that. An amazing location to live, the perfect choice! The only challenge was a €10.000 budget for a full renovation.

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